Bid pre-qualification services

We specialise in helping you write compelling bids and pre-qualification questionnaire (PQQ) responses so that you save time, win more tenders and increase your conversion rates

Our bid pre-qualification services

The pre-qualification questionnaire (PQQ) is an integral part of the bids and tendering process.  It contains critical questions about your technical knowledge and ability, managerial competency, financial stability and previous experience.

If you don’t get your PQQ right, you lose the opportunity to bid for the tender. That is time and money wasted, as well as lost potential revenue.

Pre-qualification PQQ services - MA Technical Copywriting

How MA Technical Copywriting can help you

Bid pre-qualification questionnaire (PQQ) services

Whether you are new to tendering, or experienced in the process, your PQQ assessment document should clearly demonstrate your competence and determine your suitability as a potential supplier for the project.

With more than 20 years’ experience in the bidding process, our technical PQQ copywriters help you write compelling bids and pre-qualifications (PQQ) so that you save time, win more tenders and increase your conversion rates.

How Mark Atkinson from MA Technical Copywriting can help you

How we help you write a PQQ

The PQQ is the initial stage of the tender process and often referred to as submitting an ‘expression of interest’. It is a company’s way to quickly assess whether you (a potential supplier) meet their minimum requirements for the contract. You can liken it to the pre-selection of candidates before asking for interviews when HR are looking to recruit.    

There are many details you need to include in a pre-qualification questionnaire, as well as many details you need to leave out.  It’s important to know what to include and how to write a winning PQQ.

How we help you write a PQQ - MA Technical Copywriting

“You are the experts in your field. By asking the right questions we can translate your technical strengths into a clear and accessible narrative.”

What is included in a PQQ?

Not all pre-qualifying questionnaires are the same, so ensure you look at the details and information requested, and not just copy-paste from previous ones.

You will often be provided with an ‘instruction to applicants’ document which will outline the contact notice, stating that they are seeking expressions of interest from suitable contractors. This may also include any prerequisites such as previous experience in that sector or topic.

What is included in a PQQ? - MA Technical Copywriting

Some of the PQQ questions to answer might include:

  • Your company details (including its legal formation)
  • Details of your insurance
  • Financial details
  • Policies and procedures (including health, safety and quality assurance)
  • Technical ability and capability
  • General ability and capability
  • Relevant experience.
Some of the PQQ questions to answer might include - MA Technical Copywriting

We understand and respect confidentiality

We completely respect the need for confidentiality and are very happy to sign a non-disclosure agreement ahead of any engagement with you.

To discuss any pre-qualification (PQQ) requirements, or for a review of any existing documents you may have, please contact us for a no-obligation call.

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