Technical reporting and industry case study examples

We have helped many companies deliver clear, concise and detailed information through technical reports and industry studies positioning their business as a knowledge leader.

Key industry sectors we work with include construction, facilities management, energy, manufacturing, technology/automation/Software-as-a-Service (SaaS), professional services (including financial; accounting; HR; legal), supply chain/logistics, and residential/commercial real estate.

Technical reporting and industry case study examples

Here are some examples of how we have helped our clients.

Innovate UK Knowledge Transfer Network (KTN)

MA Technical Copywriting was part of a public/private delegation to the Netherlands for Innovate UK Knowledge Transfer Network (KTN), where UK delegates met with their Dutch counterparts to discuss strategies on how to decarbonise their respective aviation and maritime industries.

Over a packed five-day schedule, MA Technical Copywriting’s role was to absorb the key points from the conversations held across multiple meetings and report on the outcomes.

Writing and designing a commemorative book

Diversified group of companies, Wafi Group, engaged us to write and design its 50th anniversary commemorative book. We visited the Group’s Dubai headquarters to conduct a series of in-depth interviews with GMs and employees across the organisation to learn about its diverse business activities and growth story, past, present and future.

We collaborated well as a collective team with Wafi Group to develop the book’s overall direction, and they were delighted with the result, as shown on our testimonials page.

Updating a technical manual – commercial property developers

We were engaged to update a complex MEP design brief manual which informs architects and engineering consultants on the various service requirements, processes, standards and safe practices applicable to commercial real estate projects.The volume of work was significant and placing the highly technical content was complex, involving the manipulation of large volumes of text within a highly structured format.

We were awarded the work based on a referral from within the client organisation, and once again on this occasion they were delighted with the end result.

Industry studies

An automotive client conducted a comprehensive consumer survey on their perceptions of its SUV model against similar competitor offerings. Factors included preferences, buying motivations and emotional triggers. The client gave us the raw data and we turned the key points into an engaging narrative.

Similarly, an HR client needed an annual cost of living report covering aspects such as household, utilities, education, health and housing. A third-party compiled the data which we then incorporated into a narrative with market observations. The data was ‘longitudinal’ so the narrative could be compared with previous years’ findings.

Software-as-a-service product guides

With the huge rise in e-commerce, warehouse efficiencies have come to the fore. We support a provider of automation software for warehouses and distribution centres in creating product summaries and e-books, showcasing the latest technological innovations and the benefits they provide to the business.

Other software-as-a-service companies we have supported include a series of technical case studies for a provider of higher education technology and a series of white papers for a provider of software services to the banking sector.

Market reports and feasibility studies

A client conducted a major study into waste management challenges across the Arabian Gulf and Jordan and engaged MA Technical Copywriting to write a report narrative based on the results.

After presenting the challenges, the report looked at the most feasible technical options, the practical and cost implications of each option, then profiled the global specialists that could deliver them. The report then drilled down to the best-fit options across the different specific scenarios.

Quarterly reports

A client in the financial services software sector conducted a study of lenders across different global markets to gain their insights on the current market and future predictions, then we produced a quarterly report based on the findings.

Questions to respondents revolved around issues such as demand increases/decreases, risk management, due diligence and how they are deploying technology for their future resilience. For each report, we provided a series of blog summaries to bring additional visibility.

Consumer guides

A banking client needed to produce a financial literacy guide aimed at educating consumers on best-practice money management. It included sections on day-to-day money management, controlling debt, long-term financial planning and making investments.

The guide was aimed at providing valuable consumer information and also served as a key marketing tool for the bank.

Business services reports

A prominent client in the business services sector conducted a series of studies into the challenges and opportunities of the traditional banking sector.

We supported the client in writing reports based on the findings and resulting recommendations across different topics which included areas such as digital adoption, ethical banking, customer engagement and social responsibility.

To discuss any technical report writing services, or for a review of any existing documents you may have, please contact us to book a no-obligation call.

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