Our copy editing agency services

Use our copy editing services to proofread and edit for grammar, spelling, punctuation and language consistency for your company content

Our copy editing agency services

To a potential client reading your bid response, annual, ESG / sustainability or another report, the accuracy of your communications is a direct reflection of your business. 

When you have produced a document in-house, particularly if there has been more than one contributor (which can often be the case), inconsistencies and errors can slip through.

This is why publishing companies employ dedicated copy editors to provide a fresh and detailed eye to the content produced by their inhouse copywriting teams.
Our copy editors sense-check, proofread and edit your documents for grammar, spelling and language consistency.

Our copy editing services-MA-Technical-Copywriting

Ensuring your copy works for you

MA Technical Copywriting ensures:

  • Your document is concise
  • It reads in ‘one voice’
  • It has no repetition
  • That different sections properly cross-reference each other
  • That the narrative flows from start-to-finish.

You provide your expert knowledge and we look after the editing detail.

Ensuring your copy works for you - MA Technical Copywriting

How MA Technical Copywriting can help you

Sense-checking, proofreading and editing your inhouse content

As an expert in your industry, you will very often have a clear idea of what you want to say but not have the time and/or resources to produce the result you need.

The best practical option might be to produce a rough draft which MA Technical Copywriting can sense check and rework where needed.

Or you may have a more complete text that mainly needs a thorough proofread and edit for grammar, spelling and language consistency.

How Mark Atkinson from MA Technical Copywriting can help you

We use our 20 years’-plus experience to transform your main messages and complex technical documentation into clear, concise messages suitable to your target readership.

Such readers might include customers, suppliers, employees, the general public end users, and potential investors.  

Taking time off your hands

Creating good copy is hugely time consuming – and editing even more so. We understand you are managing the day-to-day operational aspects of the business. We remove the huge time element for you whilst delivering a professional and targeted result.

“We edit and proofread three or four times before sending the document for your review."

Bringing consistency

If you are a larger organisation, the individual sections of your bid, annual report or other corporate document may be produced by different subject matter experts. They will all have different writing styles and it can be difficult to bring an overall consistency to the finished result.

MA Technical Copywriting helps you bring it all together into one tone of voice.

Staying on-point and relevant

Once copy editing or reworking a client document, the word count may often reduce. This is because we edit every document to concise precision, eliminating repetition and error, and using the ‘active’ voice to produce a razor-sharp result.

Technical report copy editing services

Our combined technical knowledge and experience enables us to provide premium technical writing services for any of your corporate documents, including bid responses, annual reports, sustainability or ESG reporting and bespoke industry reports.

“Whether you need your documents written in their entirety, or for our copy editors to provide a sense checking and proofreading service, our skills will clearly and effectively convey your message."

To discuss any copy editing requirements, or for a review of any existing content you may have, please contact us for a no-obligation call.

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