Annual report writing services

Our annual report writing services ensure your stakeholders stay connected and that your key messages are clearly communicated throughout

– Do you feel that communicating your achievements and goals to your key stakeholder groups is a powerful marketing tool?

– Are the aspects of your business sometimes a bit technical and challenging to express in straightforward language?

– Do you feel there is value in engaging an external resource to tell your company story in a way that connects to the broader readership?

If the answer is yes to any of these questions, then find out more below or contact us for a no-obligation call.

Our annual report writing services

While annual reports are often considered as something listed companies publish, they are a powerful marketing tool for any organisation.

Working with MA Technical Copywriting, your annual report will suit your business style, tone of voice and messaging.

Annual report writing services - MA Technical Copywriting
MA Technical Copywriting quickly came to grips with the complex telecoms industry and captured the main messages we wanted to convey. Their ability to absorb and interpret complex information is a huge asset.
Mohammed Al Mousawi, Strategic Planning Specialist, Communications Regulatory Authority, State of Qatar

How an annual report can work for you

Even for a non-listed organisation, an annual report is a great way to reach out to your clients and other stakeholder groups – your investors, suppliers, employees and the communities you work within. It communicates who you are, what you do, and your key developments. You can include details of your operations, financial performance, leadership structure, growth milestones, new business areas or community initiatives you might be engaged in.

Come away from the term ‘Annual Report’ if you choose. Call it an Activity Update, Achievements Review, Performance Report – whatever works for your business. It could be quarterly; bi-annual; annual – at whatever length and intervals suit best.

How an annual report can work for you - MA Technical Copywriting

How MA Technical Copywriting can help you

Our annual report writing services

We are not an expert on the ins and outs of your company – nor would you expect us to be. Our skill lies in our initial consultations with you to gather the information we need and turning that into powerful messages that are impactful and engaging.

MA Technical Copywriting asks the right questions to gain a clear idea on the purpose of your annual report, including how your annual report will look in terms of structure and content. How many consultations we need, and with how many people, will depend on the size and complexity of your organisation.

How Mark Atkinson from MA Technical Copywriting can help you

Respect for confidentiality

We operate with complete confidentiality and will happily sign a non-disclosure document to reassure you that your sensitive data is completely secure.

Your report should be professional but also conversational, talking to the reader in a way that will keep them there whilst clearly communicating your messages.

Establishing the tone of your annual report from the outset

Our exposure to different industries and organisational cultures means we are adaptable to different brand styles and tones of voice.

To make sure we capture the right tone, we produce a short writing sample so you can gauge our writing style and approach following our initial consultation(s). In this way, we develop a style ‘blueprint’ with you for the rest of the report to stay on the same page from the start.

We ensure your annual report is seamless with your company branding and style.

Copy editing inhouse written content

You may require us to work from a blank sheet – or you might have an existing report that you need reviewed and edited. Both options work for us, but the second option can be more practical for companies that know what they want to say but do not have the time and/or resources to produce the polished, concise result they need. You can write a draft – even a rough text – and then hand it across to us to do what we do best.

Creating an engaging read

The mention of an annual report might sometimes suggests something that it a chore to read. On the contrary, we create a narrative that keeps the reader connected.

Using pull-outs, text boxes and ‘in numbers’ visuals highlights key points and breaks up the ‘long text’. This provides breathing space and engages the reader.

Delivering section-by-section

By feeding through your report section-wise, rather than the entire document in one go, it gives you a chance to review as we complete subsequent sections. That way, you can see how we are progressing stage-wise. Reviewing smaller ‘bite-sized’ sections also makes life easier for you.

Working to graphic design guidelines

Should you need us to design your annual report, we can produce an on-brand visual concept and layout with engaging infographics, text boxes and pull-outs. This draws the eye to the most important facts and figures, while strong imagery guides your target reader’s attention towards the most important touchpoints.

If you already work with a graphic designer, we carefully consider all the elements within the content that could be interpreted visually – and can then liaise with your designer to produce the end result.

If you have a set of brand guidelines, the tone of our copy and the look-and-feel of our design will completely reflect your brand message.

If you don’t have any formalised brand guidelines, our graphic design team can work with you to develop the look and feel that you are happy with. Then, if you would like us to, we can help you produce a brand identity document that will keep your communications consistent across all touchpoints.

To discuss your annual report requirements, or for a review of any existing content or reports you may have, please call us for a no-obligation call. 

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