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Through our specialist bid and tender writing services, we help you write compelling bids and increase your win rates.

Our bid and tender copywriting services

When writing a bid or tender for a project, there are key elements and factors to include. Getting these right, while clearly and concisely showing your ability and trust, is vital.  

You are not the only company applying for the project you are bidding for. So, you need to stand out from the crowd and prove your suitability and competence.

This is where MA Technical Copywriting’s more than 20-year experience can help. Whether you have a draft bid or tender that needs sense checking and copy editing or perhaps you need help starting from scratch our professional bid and tender copywriters help you write compelling bids and increasing your conversion rates.

Our bid and tender copywriting services - MA Technical Copywriting
MA Technical Copywriting fitted in comfortably as a key part of the bid team. They clearly laid out the technical detail and demonstrated DB’s project credentials in a way that was accessible and engaging to the reader.
Oliver Schmidt, Senior Business Consultant, DB Engineering & Consulting

The difference between bid and tender

In the traditional sense, companies put out a formal tender (a project they need completing) and suppliers (those that provide goods, works or services) become bidders to win that tender. 

The principle nowadays is the same, but the words tender and bid are often used interchangeably.   

Regardless of which terms are used, the importance of ensuring your bidding document is compelling, error free and purposeful is vital.

The difference between bid and tender - MA Technical Copywriting

How MA Technical Copywriting can help you

Working with your technical experts

You are the experts in your field. By asking the right questions we can gain the input needed to bring out your unique selling points, demonstrating your organisation as the right fit for the tender.

Once our bid and tender copywriters gain input from your knowledge experts, they add their objective clarity and communications expertise.

How Mark Atkinson from MA Technical Copywriting can help you

Personalising each bid

Your bid or tender should read like it is tailored for the project. This might sound like a no-brainer. But with the huge time element that is often involved, it can be easy to slip into what looks like a copy-paste exercise. This is a huge red-flag and is often the cause of losing bids.

Strategic references to clauses in the enquiry document, and weaving the client and project naturally into the narrative throughout, personalises every bid towards the project it is intended for. Ensuring all cross-references between sections within the bid are relevant, checked and accurate is crucial, but also time consuming. This is why we also offer a bid writing copy editing service – an invaluable service provided by our experienced technical copywriters.

Time is of the essence

Every business will know that a well-written bid involves huge amounts of time in both planning and writing. Time constraints mean that it is often left to the 11th hour, adding pressure and potentially compromising the end result. We take away the pain, freeing up more of your time to concentrate on your business.

Adopting a benefits-driven approach

Your report should demonstrate your competence in a ‘show rather than tell’ style through case studies and client testimonials at every opportunity.

Case studies and client testimonials can be in a formalised style within their own dedicated sections, but don’t have to be. They can be skillfully woven into a particular context, as a text box or a ‘for example’ proof point, to demonstrate competency against a specific client requirement.

Bringing an objective viewpoint

You are close to the business every day and it is important to have a fresh outlook.

Should you have an existing document that you would like us to sense check and edit, our technical copy editors will look at it objectively as the end reader would, then question anything that sounds ambiguous for further scrutiny.

Benefits-driven principles

  • How you will remove your client’s pain points
  • How you can demonstrate examples to similar work scopes and how successful you were in delivering them
  • How you will support your client in being a sustainable business
  • How you will reduce your client’s risk and enhance its brand reputation
  • How you will provide short- and long-term cost savings
  • How you will bring differentiators over-and-above the project scope

Best impressions are everything

The look, feel and quality of your bid speaks volumes about your business. Our skill is to go over your document with a fine tooth comb to leave no doubt in the client’s mind that your company is the best fit for the project.

Providing consistency and accuracy

Even if subconsciously, the reader(s) of your bid will notice how you have constructed every sentence, used capitalisation or punctuation, how your headings and sub-headings are formatted and the accuracy of your cross-referencing.

The more consistent you are in your language and messaging, the more believable you are, and the more you will gain the trust of your existing and prospective customers as a ‘safe pair of hands’ – and there is no room for error. Leave the fine details to us while you keep your core business running.

It may be that you have a bid created in-house where various internal experts have contributed – each with their own distinct writing style. In this case, we will ‘one-voice’ then proofread the entire document, word-by-word, so it reads with complete consistency from start-to-finish.

Keeping it simple

Using short and concise sentences makes your bid far more accessible to the end reader. MA Technical Copywriting cuts out ‘filler’ words and uses straightforward language.

One of the key benefits of using our external bid writing or editing services is we need to gain a clear understanding of the context in order to create your narrative. This means the end reader will also be able to read the document clearly and easily.

Adopting a strong visual style through our graphic design services

All key points within your document should stand out through pull-outs, ‘in numbers’ infographics and text boxes.

You can engage our graphic designer to produce a branded design layout for your bid (or pre-qualification document). Or, if you already work with a graphic designer, we can liaise to ensure the content closely reflects the design concept, and vice versa.

Our skill is to quickly gain the input we need from you so we can bring out your key unique selling points.

We understand and respect confidentiality

We completely respect the need for confidentiality and are very happy to sign a non-disclosure agreement ahead of any engagement with you.

To discuss any bid or tender copywriting requirements, or for a review of any existing documents you may have, please contact us for a no-obligation call.

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