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Inbound marketing needs minimal investment, positions you as an industry expert and enables you to stay at the ‘top of mind’

– Would you like to find a way to reach your customers that is far more targeted, convincing and cost effective than traditional advertising, cold sales calls or trade shows?

– Are you finding traditional sales channels expensive, resource draining and mostly ineffective?

– Would you like to position yourself as an industry expert through regular, educational reports, e-books, blogs or articles that draw people in through informative and expert-led insights rather than direct selling – and would it be helpful to have a dedicated content resource to help you?

If the answer is yes to any of these questions, then find out more below or contact us for a no-obligation call.

Our inbound marketing agency services

Inbound marketing involves creating educational, informative content to position your business as an industry expert and engage your target audience so you stay at the ‘top of mind’. When they need your service, your business will be the first they contact.

Traditional ‘outbound’ marketing (advertising, trade shows, telemarketing or cold calling) is notoriously untargeted with low returns on investment. It is also interruptive, so prospects usually start with a negative attitude as you have interrupted them when they are not looking or needing your product or service.

Inbound marketing agency services ׀ MA Technical Copywriting

The benefits of inbound marketing

Inbound marketing needs a fraction of the investment and is far more targeted. At the same time, you are increasing your online presence and helping prospective clients to find you for a product or service they are genuinely looking for.

A huge benefit of inbound marketing is timing.  When your audience is looking for answers, services and companies to work with, they will be in information receiving and buying mode. This means they are open to opportunities and you can have conversations with them rather than targetless sales pitches.

The benefits of inbound marketing - MA Technical Copywriting

Repurposing your content across different channels

Content takes time and effort to write, so it is vital to be as smart with it as you can. Inbound marketing provides the opportunity to repurpose a report – across other content touch points such as your LinkedIn/website articles, blogs, e-books and/or social media posts, for example.

By dividing and repurposing different aspects of your report, you can produce several pieces of informative business content. If your report is quarterly, for instance, this produces content that you can publish regularly in different formats and across different channels throughout the year – particularly with the support of a skilled copywriting resource.

Technical, industry and market report writing services - MA Technical Copywriting

Creating inbound marketing content that works

We take the time to understand your message and audience so that we create business content that works for you, not just content to fill reports and posts.

Our team can work as a copywriting agency to write business reports, blogs and articles that attract interest and align with your inbound marketing strategy campaign.

The wide range of content we create, sense check or copy edit includes technical reports, annual reports, ESG reports, bids / tenders, pre-qualification questionnaires (PQQs), sustainability reports and other marketing or business documents. 

The difference between bid and tender - MA Technical Copywriting

Our technical, industry and market report writing services

Whether it’s a narrative from a customer survey, market report, industry study or business blog, regular content streams position your business as a leading source of knowledge – engaging your audience to continually return and see you as the ‘go-to’ trusted company for solutions.

Technical, industry and market report writing services - MA Technical Copywriting

How MA Technical Copywriting can help you

As copywriters and graphic designers, we always write with a visual mind. This enables you to segment your report to suit your chosen platform or media.

It means you can reach and connect with a wide range of people, all of whom digest information in varying ways and across different platforms.  Some prefer to read in detail whilst others skip-read and prefer graphics.

Our inbound marketing copywriters create targeted content for companies who want their reports to have impact and generate opportunities.

How Mark Atkinson from MA Technical Copywriting can help you

Experienced inbound marketing copywriters

The MA Technical Copywriting team has more than 20 years’ practical experience creating content and graphics for businesses.

Our experience within different engineering disciplines includes construction, facilities management, energy and manufacturing.

Our corporate sector experience includes finance, technology, automotive, hospitality, aviation and professional services.

Experienced inbound marketing copywriters - MA Technical Copywriting

To discuss any inbound marketing requirements, or for a review of any existing documents you may have, please contact us for a no-obligation call.

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A selection of our other services:

Tenders, bids and
pre-qualification writing services

Whether you need a corporate report, technical document or branded marketing collateral, our content delivery hits the mark every time.

Annual, sustainability and ESG reports

Whether you need a corporate report, technical document or branded marketing collateral, our content delivery hits the mark every time.


Positioning your business as a knowledge leader, and optimising your online presence through regular, high-quality, informative content.


Branded, visual graphic design to break down your content, accentuate the key points and draw the reader’s attention.

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