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Create and maintain a regular industry report to position your company as a knowledge leader in your sector.

Having an industry report as part of your inbound marketing strategy

First thing to note is that your industry report or market study should be exactly that – a document designed to inform and educate the reader about your sector. It is never a direct selling tool.

Our case study examples

Here are some examples from MA Technical Copywriting’s own clients:

Case study 1

A Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) provider we work with designs software solutions for its invoice finance lender clients, to help them manage their onboarding due diligence, ‘know your customer’ processes, and assessing the risk profile of each borrower – not just at the time of onboarding but right through the borrower journey.

The company puts out a survey to its clients across Europe and the US, asking pertinent questions relevant to the particular market conditions at the time. It shares the raw data with MA Technical Copywriting, and over a series of meetings we work together to develop a wider understanding on why its clients are responding as they do.

We then develop the finding into a wider market observational narrative, published quarterly. To gain the maximum traction from the content, we generate 3-4 blogs from each report, each blog picking up on a particular aspect.

In doing so, the company is producing additional content streams, finding smart, new ways to repurpose it within a different format. It can maximise its inbound marketing return on investment, and strengthen its online and knowledge leadership still further.

But important to note, the content is repurposed – never copied and pasted. While the essence of the blogs comes from the report, we change the wording and structure sufficiently so search engines will index it without it being considered as duplicate content.

Case study 2

Another example is an energy provider that caters specifically for businesses and issues a monthly report on the market dynamics affecting what is currently a very volatile industry.

The report keeps its clients and a wider business readership informed on how they can make the best decisions on their energy expenditure and consumption. In every case, the benefit of using an external resource is objectivity.

All businesses, including those mentioned here, are too closely invested into their operational concerns. While your have your own expertise in what you do, sometimes it takes an objective outsider to stand back and look at things from a different perspective – to ask the questions that may seem clear to an outsider but are less obvious when you are at the centre of the business. That is where MA Technical Copywriting comes in.

We help you gain that extra level of objective thinking that may be hard to see when you are in the middle of running your day-to-day business.

We collaborated well as a collective team with Wafi Group to develop the book’s overall direction, and they were delighted with the result, as shown on our testimonials page.

We work with you to generate the content that bests suit your business and target audience.

How MA Technical Copywriting can help you

Here, we have been talking specifically about our copywriting services to create informative industry reports or market studies.

But this is just one component in a much larger array of regular content generation that can be used as part of your inbound marketing strategy – providing your existing and prospective client base with a regular flow of educational, informative content that positions your company as a knowledge leader.

How Mark Atkinson from MA Technical Copywriting can help you

For example:


One of our clients provides automation systems, autonomous robotics, and simulation technologies for the logistics and distribution industries. MA Technical Copywriting has helped them produce a series of eBooks posing a problem and solution.

Topics have included building business resilience within a sector that has increasing challenges within a growing and complex eCommerce environment, and how to optimise your facilities through the best use of technology.

Blogs and articles

As part of our ongoing report writing and copywriting services, we have helped a business consultant client produce a series of blogs on how companies can improve their business performance, best governance practice and other relevant topics.

We have also supported our airline clients with informative articles for their inflight magazines.

Developing your industry report content strategy

In all cases, we work with you to generate the content ideas and threads that best suit your business, objective and target audience. We then produce the content itself, and develop a strategy to endure your inbound marketing strategy is sustained in the long-term.

Using our graphic design services

In addition to the written content, our graphic design team can produce branded visuals – breaking down the content into design features such as text boxes, pull quotes, and other ways of making your content easy-to-digest for the reader. This is particularly important when decision makers are often time poor and need content to be shown quickly and in the most accessible way.

We can design as per your brand guidelines, should you have these, and/or produce 2-3 concepts for you to choose from, and us to develop.

At the end of the project, should you wish us to, we can develop a set of brand guidelines that you can use as a ‘blueprint’ for your brand look-and-feel moving forward.

Graphic design agency services ׀ MA Technical Copywriting

To discuss any informative industry report writing services, or for a review of any existing documents you may have, please contact us to book a no-obligation call.

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