Technical, industry and market
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Our technical, industry and market report writing capability is built up over time across several key sectors. Always straightforward in language, accessible in style and visually engaging.

– Is the nature of your business sometimes complex and difficult for a non-technical readership to understand?

– Are there certain insights and data points that you need to skilfully weave into the narrative for specific audiences?

– Would it be useful to have an external resource to translate your technical jargon into straightforward language that is accessible to a broader audience?

If the answer is yes to any of these questions, then find out more below or contact us for a no-obligation call.

Technical, industry and market report writing services

Whether it’s a narrative from a customer survey, market report, industry study or business blog, regular content streams position your business as a leading source of knowledge – engaging your audience to continually return and see you as the ‘go-to’ trusted company for solutions.

Against the brief to update complex information within an existing designed format, they met the project’s tight timelines, and showed flexibility and complete cooperation when a few unexpected requirements emerged.
Lee Eyre, Manager, MEP Design Architecture and Design Studio, Majid Al Futtaim

How technical, industry and market reports can work for you

While technical reports may often be considered from a strictly engineering or tech perspective, their scope is far wider. Take professional services providers – accountants, financial services, HR consultants or business advisors for example. Each one of these professions have very specific ‘technical’ services and processes they provide to their clients, and that they need to promote – albeit in a way that doesn’t ‘push’ their services, but draws people in through a high quality and insightful report or blog. 

A financial services firm may want to explain the ins and outs of ethical investments or green lending for example. This may not be a direct sell – in fact, better that it isn’t. Rather, it is informative educational content it is putting out there for the reader’s benefit, but at the same time the financial services firm is gaining traction as a knowledge leader in its field – something we refer to as inbound marketing.

How technical, industry and market reports can work for you - MA Technical Copywriting

Our engaging technical, industry and market reports use eye-catching visuals that capture the reader’s attention.

How MA Technical Copywriting can help you

Our technical report writing services

On receiving an enquiry from you, it is important to be completely clear of the brief in our own minds, so our report writing specialists will likely come back with any clarifications needed.

If it is a first-time project, e.g., a report or document that you have never published before, we can discuss the style you are looking for and any similar examples you have come across.

If it is something you have published before, but you need a fresh look or a change in tone of voice, we can have a conversation on the aspects of previous documents that you are happy or less happy with.

How Mark Atkinson from MA Technical Copywriting can help you

Technical, industry and market report copy editing services

If you have an existing technical, industry or market report (or similar document) that you need us to sense check and edit, we will first ask to see the document so we can get our own sense on how it looks (after signing an NDA if required), then put forward our thoughts and discuss how you would like the end product to look.

The main objective is to create as full a brief as possible so we produce the result you need from us.

Technical, industry and market report copy editing services - MA Technical Copywriting

More about our technical, industry and market report writing and copy editing services:

Information gathering

A key part of our process is information gathering. This often involves a kick-off meeting with the person or team initiating the report – then, as necessary, conducting interviews with the relevant subject matter experts within your organisation. How many interviews and how the process takes place will very much depend on the brief, the complexity of the project and any background materials you may have.

Laying the groundwork

Preparation time upfront is time well-spent. After our initial kick-off meeting, and any further meetings needed, we will produce a short section of the work to make sure we are on the same page with you.

After your review, we will fine-tune the draft for your approval to establish a style/tone of voice ‘blueprint’ and avoid any misunderstandings moving forward.

Keeping it simple and accessible

Technical writing is a niche skill. It demands a concise, detailed informational approach within a clearly laid-out structure. Like any other form of writing, it should tell a story through a clear navigational path.

We ensure the end reader has access to the key information in the document quickly and clearly. It is key to use everyday language and minimise technical jargon, keeping sentences and paragraphs short wherever possible.

Using strong visuals through graphic design

An engaging technical document should draw out key facts and figures through skilled writing craftsmanship and graphic design elements such as pull-outs, ‘in-numbers’ or infographics.

With our extensive experience in both copywriting and graphic design, we use accessible language and eye-catching visuals that capture the message and readers’ attention every time.

Creating the right look-and-feel

If you already engage a graphic designer, we will work with them to bring out the visual elements of your key messaging. Or we can be your graphic design partner.

We can either create 2-3 design concepts for you to choose from, or if you already have an established set of brand guidelines, our designs will reflect your branding in every detail. 

Bringing consistency and accuracy

Consistency and accuracy are everything. They are key to building trust with your customers and prospects – and should apply equally to your communications as to your products or services.

Showing that you pay care and attention makes your business credible, believable and dependable in the eyes of the reader. So, nothing should slip through the net. Not just in the accuracy of the content, but that:

  • The language is tight and speaks in ‘one voice’ throughout
  • No typos, grammatical errors or punctuation mistakes have slipped through
  • Any glossaries and acronyms are accurately indexed
  • The use of capitalisations, measurements and symbols is consistent throughout
  • Cross-referencing is relevant and accurate
  • Any figures and tables are correctly numbered
  • The document is properly formatted, with the right heading/sub-heading levels.

Communicate in ‘one voice’

If you have an externally written document which has multiple subject matter expert contributors, our technical report copy editing specialists will sense-check, edit and ‘one-voice’ the content to provide a consistent tone throughout.

Your document needs to be right first time, because there may not be a next time.

To discuss any technical report writing requirements, or for a review of any existing content you may have, please contact us for a no-obligation call.

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