Our copy editing process

Read about our copy editing process and how we help you publish error-free and consistent content – from initial consultation right through to delivery

Our copy editing process

The accuracy and consistency of your content could be the difference between attracting or losing a prospect, first-time customer, or even an established client.

It pays you dividends to use a professional resource, such as a copy editor, to sense check and edit your inhouse-produced content.

Please see our copy editing process below.

Our copy editing services - MA Technical Copywriting

How our copy editing process works

1. Understanding the work scope

As a starting point, we will ask you to share the document you would like us to review and sense check. If it is a large document, you may prefer to share one or two sections, as long as we can get an idea on the length of the whole document and therefore volume of work.

2. Respect for confidentiality

It is understood that by sharing internal content with us there may be confidentiality concerns. By signing a non-disclosure agreement (NDA), our clients know they can trust our full discretion and we are more than happy to do so.

3. Gathering additional information

You may have your own ideas on how you would like to see the document evolve, the aspects you would like to retain or change and any key messages you would like to stand out.

Taking your thoughts onboard and adding our own ideas, we can then discuss and mutually agree on how the end result will look – from a light sense check to a heavier edit, or changes to the document structure if needed. This is the stage to gain shared clarity on the work scope, establish what supporting materials you may have and whether we need to conduct any interviews with your internal experts. This is also the point to lock in expected completion timelines.

4. Setting the tone

If you have an established style guide, it will be a key reference to locking in the tone of voice – also discussing any previously published content you have and what you feel are the stronger or weaker points. We will provide our own input, but always keeping your thoughts at the top of mind.

On gaining a firm understanding of the scope and brief, we will copy edit a short sample section to agree on and lock in the style of the project moving forward.

5. Review and delivery

This is the point to establish how the review process will work. For larger documents, we recommend a ‘circular’ process, where you can review sections already completed while we work on further sections. It means you can review pages in smaller batches and we both stay aligned – although the upfront section you approve should act as a ‘blueprint’ as the project develops.

To discuss any copy editing requirements, or for a review of any existing content you may have, please contact us for a no-obligation call:

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