Using graphic design to bring your reports to life

Blog post insight - Using graphic design to bring your reports to life - MA Technical Copywriting

Communications such as your annual reports, sustainability reports or bid proposals are arguably some of the most important documents you generate. It follows that they should be the most engaging documents you produce. Along with an accessible, conversational narrative, the key is in graphic design that makes it stand out above the rest.

Narrative and presentation are everything

The nature of reports, bids or technical documents is that they are factual, presenting the credentials of a company that it has delivered certain results or has the capabilities to undertake the project it is bidding for. They can be dry – or through graphic design and creative copy, you can make them a great read.

Creating an engaging story through both narrative and presentation doesn’t mean using fluffy copy, but an approachable, rounded tone that injects the company’s personality. Visually, hard facts can be communicated best through infographics or pull quotes (sometimes called call-outs). Processes are most clearly shown though well-designed diagrams. Key information can be highlighted through text boxes or sidebars.

Allow the pages to breath

While there is always a temptation to reduce the page count of a report or bid document by cramming words onto the page, it is better to make sure pages are visually driven with less text, more imagery and plenty of ‘white space’ to draw the reader’s eye. Cramming content onto a page, whether copy or design, immediately turns the reader off.

The target readership of an annual report or high-profile bid are often senior managers. Time is premium and they need to digest content in the quickest, most efficient way.

Blog post insight - How to write an engaging story for company reports - MA Technical Copywriting

Love your reports

You have clear performance, governance and financial information you need to convey. Company philosophies and ethics. Management goals looking forward. Love your reports and make them a good read from start to finish through an engaging narrative, and bringing out the key facts through clear, concise graphic design.

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