Principles of graphic design

Principles of graphic design - MA Technical Copywriting

From some of the largest enterprises to small-to-medium businesses, the best branded companies have one thing in common – they follow a set of design principles that ensure their branding is consistent, effective – and most of all recognisable. Here are a few of these in brief:

Ensure it works across every platform

Examine closely whether your designs will work in print, on social media, on billboards and in sales presentations. They must be clear enough to appeal to your target audience across all platforms. If they don’t, look at why and make the changes you need.

Brands often have two or three colour options for their logo for example, to suit different backgrounds depending on the platform they will appear on. But these are still set against a set of brand design rules within the company’s style guide to ensure an overall consistency across all collateral.

Keep it simple

From fonts and colours, to lines and shapes, ensure everything in your brand design is clean and simple. Look at the branding from some of the largest companies such as McDonald’s, Spotify and Virgin. What do they have in common? They are simple and instantly recognisable.

Principles of graphic design - keeping it simple - MA Technical Copywriting

Choose colours carefully

Select two or three colours maximum. Any more is overkill. Consider the emotions you want your audience to feel. Do you want to incite excitement and passion or instil peace and calm? Warm versus cool tones play a large part in triggering the desired emotion.

Use white space creatively

White space lets your brand design breathe. It creates a clean, minimalist look and a platform from which your logo, company name and tagline can jump out and engage your target audience. Far from shunning white space, we actively encourage it.

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