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Blog post insight - How to choose a graphic designer - MA Technical Copywriting

Graphic design impacts everything we interact with. It is on your toothpaste tube; the logo on your computer mouse; the apps on your phone; on your country’s flag. You cannot escape it. Even if you lived on the moon, the rocket that took you there and your space suit would be branded.

At the same time, different designers often have their own specialisms and styles – some might be more naturally-attuned to technical or corporate  projects for example, while others may feel more at home with a more whacky or informal approach.

Here are some pointers to finding the right graphic designer for you.

Find a graphic designer you are comfortable with

Working with a graphic designer to produce the best result means working collaboratively. Only by being comfortable, open and collaborative will they be able to bring out the visual that aligns with your brand story. Of-course, they should be able to produce concepts and layouts for you to review and approve. But if you as the client are not clear on the objective you want to achieve, even the most talented graphic designer will not be able to deliver it.

Check out their skills

A good graphic designer will have a portfolio of work they can show you. At the same time, there are designers that may be extremely good in some areas (page layouts, text and image placements), but have little-to-no experience in others (infographics, vectors or 3D renders for example). So, be clear on the scope of work and make sure your graphic designer is clear also. Ask for a portfolio of work. Look for versatility in the different genres the designer can produce, and how far they align with your brand image. 

Blog post insight - How to choose a graphic designer - MA Technical Copywriting

Get the concept right

An experienced graphic designer should be able to develop 2-3 concepts with you which can then be fined tuned into the design and layout ‘blueprint’ for the project. In fact, it is an important step to ensure you are on the same page so there won’t any misunderstandings later into the project. Ideally the concept will involve different page layouts depending on the project – a cover page, text and images page and a graphics page for example. But this takes time. It should be factored into the cost and only happen once you’ve confirmed the project with agreed terms and conditions.

Now you’re good to go

Now the basics are in place and you are on-track to getting the result you need from your graphic design project.

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